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The Guiana chestnut Pachira aquatica towers above other tropical plants in its native range throughout.

The most common cause of yellowing leaves among Money Trees is improper soil moisture–in particular, overwatering. Your Money Tree prefers deep but infrequent watering. When you water your Money Tree, make sure you provide enough water so that liquid flows from the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot and into the treeleaning.clubted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Jan 17, The Money Tree, scientifically named Pachira aquatica is one of the best looking, low maintenance indoor plants.

This will suffocate them.

But, this tropical tree-like plant might experience the curling of the leaves if its needs aren’t met. Underwatering and low humidity may result in the curling of money tree treeleaning.clubted Reading Time: 7 mins.

Usually, Money Trees are sticky for one of two reasons: guttation or pests. Guttation is typical for plants and occurs when sap is released from the bottom of the leaves.

If stickiness is also on the tops of the leaves and is accompanied by black dots or white clumps, you may have a pest issue. A cold winter breeze can lower the temperature below what is suitable for your Money Tree, causing leaf drop. Also, Money Trees prefer slightly humid environments.

While this may be easy to accomplish on a muggy summer day, the winter months tend to have a. Leaves fall off of a Money Tree, because of a watering problem. If green leaves are dropping, you may over watering; if yellow leaves are falling off, you may under- watering. Be sure to allow the soil of a Money Tree to dry out before you water. Losing Leaves Leaves falling off of a money tree generally indicate that the plant is being improperly watered.

The color of the leaves tells you if you need to increase or decrease the amount of water you are giving your plant. If the leaves are turning yellow and dropping off, you are giving too little water.

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